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Jeff Atwood: Can Software Make You Less Racist?

2018-04-05, Prepared by Kuba Orlik

Reading Materials

Ważne! Jeżeli napotkacie jakieś słownictwo/wyrażenia które sprawiają Wam problem, zanotujcie je i przynieście na spotkanie!

Read the following article written by Jeff Atwood, creator of StackOverflow:

1. Vocabulary

Translate the below words to English using the vocabulary from the article:

Słowa oznaczone [!] to słowa o podchwytliwej pisowni. Za ich angielskie przeliterowanie na głos (bez patrzenia!) należy się dodatkowy sealtoken ;)

2. Complete the sentences

Complete the sentences with the words/phrases from Task 1

NOTE: “~” tutaj nic nie znaczy, jest tylko śladem po formatowaniu

  1. School is closed! Lets go to the park and just ~____ ~___.
  2. I really ~__________ his efforts - I’m gonna send him a “Thank you” letter.
  3. Quit ~___________ and just do something about it!
  4. This idea is flawed. It will ~__________ fail.
  5. After coming this far, to quit now would be ~_____________.
  6. He refused to ~________ the source of his information - we still don’t know where it came from.
  7. I think this house is haunted - you can feel a ~________ of a ghost.
  8. She had this dress custom-made – it was made ~____________ for her!
  9. I’ve read the “Hobbit” in its ~________ - it took me a long time, but I was insistent on finishing it.
  10. I’ve ~___________ such a problem before, so I knew how to deal with it now.

3. Discussion

Prepare to answer the following questions:

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